Friday, 1 January 2016


My name is Cassie and welcome to my Blog. 

Yes, you've guessed it - I Love Book Covers

But why may you ask?

A great book cover can make you think - everything from “what were they thinking?” to “who are they?” and “what does that mean?”

A great book cover can take you places - They can almost make you taste and smell the scene. 

A great book cover can make you feel - longing, lust, empathy, anger, disgust or even desire.

But most importantly -- You don’t need language to understand a Great Book Cover.

Growing up in Ireland was a pure joy. My love of books stems form my mother reading bedtime stories every night and taking me on weekly trips to the library to seek out a great new read. I have a college degree in English and have worked in retail, education and even my local library :D I'm here to share with you some wonderful books that deserve to be viewed, if not read.